[POLL] Best Fairy Tail Female Characters of Alvarez Arc (Part 2)

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Fairy Tail Female

We?d like to know who on this list of Fairy Tail female characters in Alvarez Arc is your favorite.

Here are your choices for some of the top Fairy Tail female characters to vote for!

Dimaria Yesta

Fairy Tail Female

Among the Spriggans, Dimaria has the cutest smile. She likes to tease and hates tiresome people. Dimaria is powerful with her Age Seal magic that allows her to freeze time. In the battlefield, she is calm and confident.

Mavis Vermillion

Fairy Tail Female

Best known for being cute and childish, Mavis is a sweetheart but also a fearsome Guild master. When the situation calls for it, she becomes mature. Mavis is the co-founder of the Fairy Tail Guild. Some say she is as strong and powerful as Zeref.


Fairy Tale Female

Aquarius is a Celestial Spirit owned by Lucy – that acts like Lucy?s big sister. She is very moody and would often be irritated at Lucy. Her behavior changes whenever she is with her boyfriend Scorpio. Aquarius is strong using water magic when in combat.

Kagura Mikazuchi

Fairy Tail Female

Some say Kagura is stronger than Erza. There was a time when she was able to break through Erza?s unbreakable armor and could have really defeated her. Kagura is confident but not arrogant. She is the strongest mage of the Mermaid Heel Guild.


Fairy Tail Female

Also known as Angel for her Angel magic. Sorano is like a queen in her silver hair and dress made with feathers. Sorano has good physical strength – she once sent Lucy flying with her palm thrust. She is quite the sadist who likes toying with her enemies.

Yukino Aguria

Fairy Tail Female

Yukino is the younger sister of Sorano. Some say she is arrogant and cocky but we believe she is just proud and confident about her abilities. Her tenacity is one of her strengths and she can definitely kick ass. Yukino?s fight with Virgo was awesome.

Lisanna Strauss

Fairy Tail Female

Lisanna has a very pleasing personality and can get along with everyone very well. She has a cool magic ability called Take Over, which allows her to transform her body into an animal or an animal-hybrid. Lisanna is a beast when in a fight.

Minerva Orland

Fairy Tail Female

Minerva is a really strong character and very inspirational too. A lot of fans say they can relate to her the most. She is said to be the strongest member of the Sabertooth Guild. ?At one time, Minerva was able to block Natsu?s Lightning Fire Dragon Technique.


Fairy Tail Female

Seilah is a beauty but known to be a merciless Etherious. Most of the time she is calm and collected but when in battle, she has the tendency to be cold and ruthless. She has a very powerful magic that allows her to control people.

Wendy Marvell

Fairy Tail Female

This cute and sweet girl is the youngest dragon slayer. Wendy, despite her petite frame and shyness, is a force to be reckoned with in battle. She hates fighting but when it comes to her friends, she is very reliable and would fight for them without hesitation.

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