[POLL] Best Fairy Tail Female Characters of Alvarez Arc (Part 1)

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Fairy Tail Female

Is Erza Scarlet still the number 1 fan-favorite? We?d like you to vote on your favorite Fairy Tail female character in the Alvarez Arc.

Here are 10 Fairy Tail Female Characters to choose from:

Erza Scarlet

Fairy Tail Female

Erza has proven countless times that she is the strongest mage in Fairy Tail. Add to that the fact that she is the youngest S-class mage. Even though she may be strict and tough at times – Erza is very reliable and very brave.

Juvia Lockser

Fairy Tail Female

A very caring and devoted mage who has awesome water magic like water lock. Juvia?s confidence is very admirable and she?s never afraid to show her true self. She is a former S-class mage and a member Element 4 of the disbanded Phantom Lord Guild.

Cana Alberona

Fairy Tail female

Cana gets along with others very well. She is the daughter of Gildarts Clive, who specializes in card magic. Cana is very cool and sexy and can totally drink like a man. She also has the ?Fairy Glitter?, one of the three greatest magic of Fairy Tail Guild.

Mirajane Strauss

Fairy Tail Female

Mirajane is one female you don?t want to mess with – amidst her nice and friendly persona, she has a very destructive power that can wipe out an entire city. An S-class mage that?s beautiful and strong.

Lucy Hearfillia

Fairy Tail Female

This celestial spirit mage might not be one of the strongest in the Fairy Tail Guild but she is surely the most hardworking. Lucy is sweet, cute, lovable and reliable, and would do anything for her friends.

Ultear Milkovich?

Fairy Tail female

Ultear has had a dark past which molded her to become a strong and powerful mage. She is almost always willing to help out a comrade. At one time Ultear sacrificed herself for the sake of humanity.

Levy McGarden

Fairy Tail female

Levy is a bookworm and is probably the smartest in the guild. Fans say that while the others have sex appeal, Levy has substance. She is cute, honest and very kind – an expert infiltrator. Her Solid Script ability is awesome.

Eileen Belserion

Fairy Tail Female

Eileen is considered the strongest woman of Spriggan. She is very confident and believes she can handle Acnologia herself. She has destructive magic abilities such as Universe One and Enchantment, to name a few. We have yet to see her full power in the coming chapters.


Fairy Tail female

Despite her calm nature, Brandish is very vocal about what she likes or dislikes. Her powers are feared by Gray and Natsu. Her Mass Manipulation ability that allows her to alter matter is at an incredible level.


How about a woman who can turn humans into stone just by looking into her eyes? Evergreen is strong and the only female in the Thunder God Tribe. With her strength, she was able to send Elfman flying and to add to that she can fly with great agility and speed.

Fairy Tail Female

Cast your votes! We have another list of Best Fairy Tail Female Characters that includes Damaria, Mavis and many more! Check that out too! Click here.

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