Police Sings to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off

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A lot of crazy things happen when driving, especially when you are driving alone with the radio on. You suddenly find yourself singing a nice tune or dancing while you drive. It eases the tension and lets you relax.

This applies to everybody, even policemen. In the video we have here, a dashboard camera records a policeman driving while Taylor Swift?s song ?shake it off? is playing. It starts out fairly routine until the policeman busts a note and a dance! The lip sync is hilarious and fun. A lot of things happen when there?s a radio involved so everybody is guilty of doing something similar to this in one way or another.

This video proves that policemen are people too just like everybody else. They like to sing, they like to dance and just because they enforce the law, doesn?t mean they don?t enjoy a little singing and dancing. There will be times where you shouldn?t take yourself too seriously and just let loose. This is a perfect example of that. Police sings to Taylor Swift. I didn?t really expect it to be so funny. The policeman also has a funny side since he didn?t mind having this video of him posted. Or maybe he doesn?t know?

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