Police Finds Illegal Drugs in Justin Bieber’s Home

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After police paid a visit to Justin Bieber’s home in relation to an egg-throwing incident complaint by a neighbor, his rapper friend got arrested.

Los Angeles police officers came with a search warrant to go through security cameras but they discovered something other than direct evidence linking the 19-year old to the incident: illegal drugs. Initial reports say that the Los Angeles police found cocaine “in plain view” but it’s possible that the drugs could be Ecstasy and Xanax.

lil za and justin bieber

The drugs were obtained from Bieber’s rapper friend, Lil Za, Xavier Smith in real life, who has been living with the Canadian pop star for months. He was arrested after that.

UPDATE: Lil Za was arrested a second time right before he was to post bail. Reports say he smashed a phone so the police booked him again, this time for vandalism.

lil-za-arrestedWhile the search was being conducted, Bieber was escorted outside the mansion and had to stay in the garage.

Police are looking for security videos that would prove (or disprove) the star’s direct involvement in the egg-throwing incident at a neighbor’s house. The complainant has reported that the damage amounted to $20,000 and if police finds evidence that Bieber did it, he could end up in prison because California laws state that damages that exceed $400 is considered a felony.

That could be a huge setback to his career.

Let’s just hope, whatever the investigation finds out, that this young kid get a reality check and behave accordingly.

As we’ve all seen from the news, Bieber’s not new to these kinds of controversies. In fact, throwing eggs is not the worse thing he’s gotten himself into.

It was reported last year that some of his neighbors in an exclusive village complained about him driving in full speed in the streets. That’s clearly a cause for worry because it puts his neighbors’ safety in jeopardy. One even went to his house and attempted to discuss the matter but he refused to talk.

With relation to drug possession, he has been photographed holding something that looked like marijuana before. The photo was published in the celebrity news site TMZ.

It’s no longer surprising to see young stars behave wildly and make headlines. We’ve seen Miley veer away from her wholesome image. Justin Bieber is no different.

He’s been involved in altercations with the paparazzi, high-speed car chases in the freeway, and even stirred controversy when he made an inappropriate comment about Anne Frank and disrespected former president Bill Clinton.

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