?Poldark Season 2? Cuts Shocking Scene From Novels; Ross, Elizabeth Rekindle Romance?

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Fans are definitely excited for the return of Poldark Season 2 as Aidan Turner?s Ross Poldark faces more challenges in the Cornish mines as well as in his romantic life.

[Spoilers ahead!]

A shocking scene from Winston Graham?s novels was cut by the producers in order to uphold Ross? integrity as the series? hero. This scene was a controversial rape scene where Ross forces his former lover, Elizabeth (Heida Reed), to have sex with him. This scene was included in Winston?s third novel from 1953 and was shown in the 1970s TV adaptation.

This time, there will definitely be a love triangle, but the series will have a different take on the controversial scene between Ross and Elizabeth. According to TheSun, Turner already confirmed that the scene will be done in a far less shocking way with the former lovers getting into an affair.

?It seems consensual, and it just seems right,? Turner told the publication. ?He goes to talk. He doesn?t go to commit a crime.?


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He continues, ?They talk and it seems like there is still this spark between them, this unfinished business emotionally. Certainly, that?s how Ross feels. He doesn?t force himself upon her.?

Meanwhile, a source told the publication that the decision to cut the scene was made to ?update? the new TV adaptation. Ross is depicted as a ?hero? in the series and ?times have changed since the 1950s and 1970s,? the source said.

The source also adds that the new version aims to keep Ross Poldark as ?the romantic hero that fans want.?

As recalled, Elizabeth is originally Ross? fianc?e, but upon coming home from the war, he finds her engaged and then married to his cousin, Francis (Kyle Soller), as she thought Ross was already dead.

Ross then ended up tying the knot with his maid, Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson), whom he loves but still finds himself smitten by his first love.

The second season will explore more on this love triangle with Ross and Elizabeth rekindling their romance and having an affair. In the novels, Ross breaks into Elizabeth?s home, grabs her and kisses her. She accuses Ross of treating her ?like a slut? and he responds, ?It?s time you were so treated,? and forces Elizabeth onto a bed. She becomes pregnant in the books, though it appears something entirely different will play out in the series.

Are you excited for Poldark Season 2? Catch the premiere this September 4 on BBC One while the U.S. premiere will be on September 25.

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