Polar Vortex 2017 Forecast: Is Climate Change Causing this Extreme Phenomenon?

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Polar Vortex

Citizens of the Midwest and Northeast United States are experiencing arctic winds and cold temperatures these past few days, and it?s all because of the Polar Vortex. It?s a fancy-sounding term, and the extreme phenomenon has been causing the temperatures to drop to below zero.

According to the Weather Channel, places such as Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa experienced the freezing temperature. Citizens living in the Northeast should also buckle up for they might experience the coldest temperature this Friday.

Weather forecasts also state that the Polar Vortex will be accompanied by snowstorm and freezing rain, and might cover the Areas in the Mid-Atlantic States and Rockies. Reports also state that this weekend might just be the coldest for places in the Midwest.

With all this buzz, Polar Vortex has begun to make its way all over the news. The term is also quite new to most people. In effect, most of them are guessing that the event may be caused by Climate Change. ?

Polar Vortex defined

According to Times, the Polar Vortex is a huge area of cold air and low pressure that encompasses both the North and South Pole. And it doesn?t go away.

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In fact, the Polar Vortex exists for the entire year. However, the extremity of the event is more emphasized during the winter than it does in the summer.

Polar Vortex

Research explained that in the Northern Hemisphere, the Polar Vortex has the capability to increase in size and deliver cold air southward on winter seasons. This explains why the temperatures drop below zero in North America, even affecting some parts of Asia and Europe.

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Furthermore, the Polar Vortex is not a new event. Truth be told, the term existed way back during the Civil War. The Polar Vortex even set its lowest temperatures back in 2014.

Is it caused by Climate Change?

Given that it already existed a long time ago, it?s safe to say that Climate Change did not cause the extreme phenomena.

Al Roker of the Today Show explained to NBC that Climate Change is tested over a long period of time, and not assumed by a one time event such as the Polar Vortex.Show?s Al Roker told NBC.

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