Pokken Tournament Review: Pros And Cons According To Critics As US Release Date Nears

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Pokken Tournament is set for a Wii U release later this week, and fans couldn?t be more excited. The fighting game from Tekken creators Bandai Namco will finally let players have the epic battles that fans could only dream of or see in the animated series.

It turns out the excitement won?t be put to waste, as a number of websites have already released their Pokken Tournament review, and most seem to agree that it?s a good fighting game. The character models look good, each Pokemon feels unique and there?s plenty of replayability for those interested in the game?s single-player content.

Kotaku praised the complex fighting mechanics of Pokken Tournament. The game has two phases of battle: Field and Duel. Field is similar to the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games, with a 3D environment and a focus on range attacks. Duel is more like a classic fighting game, where movement is limited and players have to be smart with their attacks.

While it?s nice to see the developers come up with a fighting system that will please casual players and hardcore fighting enthusiasts, IGN stated in its Pokken Tournament review that it might be a bit too complex for its own good. There?s a tutorial mode to help players master each Pokemon?s moveset, but the sheer amount of attacks and combos in the Field and Duel phases can be staggering and possibly overwhelming for newer players.

Meanwhile, some appreciate the depth it brings, like GameSpot. The site did criticize the Ferrum League mode which serves as the game?s main single-player mode. It can feel like quite the grind, especially since the game only has 14 fighters, though the amount of unlockables for the player?s avatar might be worth it.

Like all good fighting games, Pokken Tournament has online and offline multiplayer modes, so players won?t need an Internet connection to play with their friends. The local multiplayer comes with a price though, as the framerate drops quite a bit. It?s also a bit awkward with one player viewing the battle through the television while the other has to view the game through his or her Wii U gamepad.

Despite the game?s faults, each site gave a positive Pokken Tournament review. This is the fighting game Pokemon fans have been waiting for, and it will be available on the Wii U later this week on March 18.

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