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Pokken Tournament

The Pokken Tournament release date is a couple of days away, but some gamers from Germany already have access to the game. Some retailers in the Western European country are selling Pokken Tournament but with a different title: Pokemon Tekken. The localization in the game?s title was made for the German release. In Europe, Pokken Tournament will be distributed as Pokemon Tekken, and a specific local store is selling the game at just 54.99 Euros (approx. US$62).

Pokken Tournament is a fighting game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment featuring characters from the Pokemon franchise. The game is developed for Nintendo Wii U and is scheduled to be released on March 18 in North America and Europe. However, a local store chain called Saturn is already selling the game in Germany. The game is available as Pokemon Tournament, and a NeoGaf user has shared images of the copy of the original game on the shelf of a retail store. Another user reported on MyDealz that the Saturn store in Hamburg is selling Pokken Tournament (Pokemon Tekken) at the price of 54.99 Euros.

It was already reported and seen in promotional materials for Pokken Tournament that the game will be launched as Pokemon Tekken. The title was changed because the German word for a disease called smallpox is ?pocken.? Other reports also stated that pokken is also a Dutch word for a disease. These are the reasons why The Pokemon Company is making this adjustment for fans located in specific areas of Europe.

The comments of people on the site suggest that not everybody is aware of the availability of the game given the previously announced Pokken Tournament release date. However, those who already purchased their copy of the game in Germany have shared information about the title.

?I got my copy today randomly too in Germany. I was basically strolling around in our local electronics store with a few friends and passed the Wii U shelf in disbelief when I saw Pok?mon Tekken and we swiftly grabbed a copy,? a NeoGaf user noted.

According to the user, Japanese voice-acting for Nia is available in the game?s version available in Germany. Other details revealed by the user suggest that players will have the Ferrum League which is divided into several parts called Green, Red, Blue, and Chroma.

In Pokken Tournament, players will have to play tournament qualifiers first to reach the actual league’s tournament. The players will then be able to do a promotion match to move into the next league.

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