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Pokken Tournament: Nintendo releases update 1.1

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Wii U exclusive Pokken Tournament set to release on March 18th will greet you with a minor software update on release. The update version 1.1 was released for the game by Nintendo on March 16th, 2 days before full release, reports Nintendo Insider.

The 370MB update needs to be installed on the system before one can play the online component of Pokken Tournament.

Two days before release, reviews for the game have started pouring in, with most reviewers rating the game positively. The game, launched to celebrate Pokemon?s 20th anniversary, is being praised for its deep fighting mechanics, varied roster and bright graphics.

Pokken Tournament currently features 16 playable Pokemon with series legends like Pikachu, Mewtwo, Charizard and Suicune making an appearance. There are also other assist characters like Dragonnite and Jirachi who can be a factor in the main fight.

The game is focused more on the ?Action? and not ?strategy? like other fighting games. Every Pokemon?s fighting style is duly recreated in the game, with all the featured pokemon having their special move and Mega evolutions built in. To successfully perform a mega evolution, one has to fill up the ?Synergy Gauge?.

The IGN review for the game praised it for its unique take on the fighting genre, and how well it blends all the good parts of other fighting games. ?Pokk?n Tournament takes a lot of what we know from old fighting gaming favorites and sticks them into a blender, delivering a unique take on both Pok?mon and on fighting games in general.?

The list of characters available in the game is down below ?

Pokken Tournament was first launched on July 16, 2015 for arcades in Japan. However, the game resulted in low profits for arcades as one credit in Arcade mode could sometimes last 45 minutes.

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