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Pokken Tournament: Learn The Basics To Win Early

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Pokken Tournament is now available in Wii U and, instantly, we sense a bit of Tekken here, albeit much simpler, and we?re not surprised because it was co-developed by BANDAI Namco, the company behind Tekken. The fun part is Pokken Tournament is easy to play and master both the Field Phase and Duel Phase.

In general, game skills is divided between firing projectiles with accuracy and dodging them at the right time. As with Tekken and Street Fighter, Pokken Tournament has fundamental technicalities that is easy to learn and use to your advantage. For instance, you can barrage the opponent with a series of light attacks, but each land does minor damage. On the other hand, heavy attacks have more impact, but miss one, and your Pokemon is open to counter-attacks. Speaking of counter-attacks, they are a good tactic to spoil your opponent?s hits, but, again, if a counter-punch or kick is ill-timed, you?re left wide open.

Another basic tactic to consider is the crouch vs. standing stance. Standing gives you more agility, but it can be countered with a sweep or a crouch attack. On the other hand, aside from evading or counter-attacking a standing stand, a crouch is pretty much limited as an attack tactic.

The simplicity of these fundamentals betray the complex outcomes that can be produced by combining the tactics in myriad ways. Think of rock-paper-scissors, even in its elementary mechanics, predicting the other player?s next move can put you off. Multiply the outcomes by, say, three, and you get a more complex game.
The key to Pokken Tournament–as with dual fight games–is to instinctively learn your move in context of your opponent?s moves, strengths, and weaknesses. So, the first goal is to master your Pokemon?s capabilities, as if learning to touch type without looking at the keyboard. Only then can you anticipate with greater accuracy your opponent?s moves with the right counter tactic.

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