Pokemonument: Pokemon Statue Mysteriously Appears in New Orleans Park

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It might be the biggest Pokemon Go character to catch yet. Pikachu might be elusive in the popular augmented reality game, but this statue dubbed, ?Pokemonument?,?seems to want to get caught as it appeared mysteriously in a New Orleans park overnight.

Authorities are puzzled as to how it was done since the statue appears to be very heavy. According to Nola, the prank sculpture appeared surreptitiously on July 31 in an unused fountain on Terpsichore Street near Prytania Street. No one has come forward to claim responsibility.

The Pikachu statue which was placed on top of an old, unused fountain in Coliseum Square Park in New Orleans, appears to be made of fiberglass, with a cement base, and is painted over to appear bronze. Early photos of the statue show a piece of wood that reads, ?Hope you like it! Have fun in N.O.! ? Sophie.?


According to Anime News Network, the statue is now gaining a lot of attention as visitors are taking to social media to share images of the new ?Pokemonument.? Pictures show a defiant looking Pikachu with his arms folded, standing on a cement base with a Pokeball on the side.

?The kids are fans and I’m just kind of amused at how something so heavy can appear so quickly,? said New Orleans resident, Jennifer Curry, who came with her two children to see the statue. A friend who lives around the corner had told them about the statue.

Since the statue was placed without permission, it could technically be considered an act of vandalism. Local authorities don?t seem to be bothered by it, though. The New Orleans Police department said that they have not received any complaints about the statue and they have no plans to remove the statue at this time, despite having no idea where it came from.

According to The Daily Dot, street performers dressed in Pikachu costumes have visited the site to pay homage to the most popular Pokemon character. The only thing missing really is for Pokemon Go developer, Niantic, to turn it into a PokeStop.


The statue is gaining a lot of attention as visitors are taking to social media to share images of the new ?Pokemonument.?


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