Pok?mon/Dragon Quest Monsters on your Smartphone? Meet Band of Monsters

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For the longest time, users of smartphones have been searching for a game that successfully emulates the Pok?mon experience on the smartphone. If not Pok?mon, even its alternative, Dragon Quest Monsters, will do. It?s the thrill of having quite a familiar game, and one of collecting, in the case of Pok?mon, that urges players to clamor for a game like these.

Pok?mon and Dragon Quest Monsters have been around for quite some time now, and its familiar playground is Nintendo?s handhelds. For some time, Pok?mon has been around on the Game Boy, and Dragon Quest Monsters has done the same. Yet, understandably, there are people who would rather play them on their tablets and smartphones, with its larger screens, although at the cost of simple maneuverability.

Android and iOS users shouldn?t fret about not having their own Pok?mon-like game, however. Kecmo, a smartphone RPG maker, has the latest in its line of smartphone RPGs; a Pok?mon/Dragon Quest Monsters like games that borrows elements from other games like Shin Megami Tensei. The name of the game is Band of Monsters, and it?s already out on the Google and Apple markets.

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The premise of Band of Monsters is nothing different from the plot behind Dragon Quest Monsters and Pok?mon. In this game, you encounter monsters, tame them, and then use them against the very same. Of course, there?s also a back story behind this. You play a young monster tamer named Zara. You capture monsters using a tuning technique. This technique is more similar to the Dragon Quest Monsters method of catching monsters than that of Pok?mon, where you use Poke-balls to capture monsters and store them.

In his travels, Zara meets a mysterious girl with the name Fene. Curiously, she is also called the ?Pendulum?, suggesting a big secret behind her personality, obviously. Fene is continuously pursued by soldiers of Ventos, who is the reason why monsters are, all of a sudden, dangerous and cannot be trusted. Zara takes it upon himself to learn of Fene?s true nature, and this is where your journey begins in the game.

The game doesn?t only require you to walk around collecting monsters. Inevitably, there are other powerful monsters, so your collection, and the one you use to fight with, needs to become extensive and diverse, in order to be effective against different types and classes. Here?s where the mixing of tamed monsters comes in. Mixed monsters can often produce stronger monsters, or other monsters that are more effective against even powerful but lower-type monsters.

The mixing element of the monsters evokes the system used in Shin Megami Tensei, as well as in old monster collection games like Azure Dreams. An online PvP is also available for the game. In Kemco?s last count, the game has over 170 monsters from which you can choose from. Interested already? You can take a look and find out if your device is compatible with the game by visiting the game?s download page on both Google Play Store and iTunes? store.

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