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Pokemon Z Release: No Hope for 2016 Launch As Nintendo Announces Pokemon Co-Master?

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Pokemon Co-Master has been announced for iOS and Android and is coming out in Japan later this year. This is the fourth Pokemon-related game announced for mobile devices after Pokemon Shuffle, Pokemon Trading Card and Pokemon GO; Pokemon GO is yet to be released. Does this new game announcement spell bad news for Pokemon Z?

Pokemon Co-Master has been described as a free-to-play board game which will have various Pokemons as the pieces and a mysterious masked person whose role has yet to be revealed. Beyond that, very little info has been released on the mobile game, according to Siliconera.

One thing is certain though; The Pokemon Company will spend plenty of time working on the mobile title. Along with the holiday releases of Pokemon Sun and Moon, it seems like we won?t be seeing the long-rumored Pokemon Z anytime soon.

Pokemon Z was supposed to be the followup to X and Y, similar to how Pokemon Platinum came out after Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Fans were expecting a new legendary Pokemon or some new features, but it seems like whatever hopes fans had for a follow-up has been crushed by this announcement.

Since 2016 is the 20th year of Pokemon, Nintendo has been working non-stop to make the anniversary spectacular. Aside from Pokemon Sun and Moon, the company also re-released Red, Blue and Yellow on the 3DS eShop last month.

There?s also the upcoming mobile game Pokemon GO, which captured the attention of audiences around the world. Many consider this to be the first official Pokemon game for smartphones and tablets, so Nintendo and The Pokemon Company will want to focus a lot of their efforts on the mobile title.

Since the rumored Pokemon Z hasn?t been announced yet, it seems like plans for that game will be put on hold, if there were any to begin with. Hopefully, Pokemon Co-Master can fill that void, or at the least, be an entertaining mobile game.

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