Pokemon Z Release Date: Confirmation Coming This December 2015? What We Know So Far

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A Pokemon Z release date or even the game?s existence has yet to be confirmed by Nintendo. But the company might finally unveil a big Pokemon Z announcement this December 2015 as a magazine hinted a big Pokemon-related announcement for 2016. Here?s why a Pokemon Z release window for 2016 is still possible.

Pokemon Z Release Date

The CoroCoro November issue left behind a note that they will make a big Pokemon news in their December issue, iDigital Times reported. Will this announcement be the long awaited Pokemon Z or something else?

According to Serebii, December issues of the CoroCoro magazine release the ?first details? about the next Pokemon movie. While a new Pokemon movie is probably what the November preview is referring to, don?t completely lose hope as the magazine does not state what kind of announcement they will be releasing. Our best hope for the meantime is just to wait for December 15 when CoroCoro?s magazine becomes available.

Pokemon Z is rumored to coincide with the release of Pokemon GO next year. According to Yibada, a February 2016 release for both games seems likely as the February 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the first Pokemon game.

Whether the unannounced game gets a firm release date or even just a release window in the CoroCoro December 2015 issue, a confirmation of the game?s existence would surely thrill fans. Rumored to be included in the unannounced Pokemon game are legendary Pokemon?s Xerneas and Yvete from Pokemon X and Pokemon Y respectively. Zygarde might also be an available Pokemon in the game. Also rumored to be included is Shadow Mewtwo, the boss for the upcoming Pokken Tournament game.

Pokemon Z has not been announced at Nintendo Direct this year. Do you think CoroCoro will bring a new Pokemon Z announcement, a new movie, or a brand new Pokemon game?

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