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Pokemon Z News: Nintendo Releasing Pokemon Rainbow Instead For 20th Anniversary?

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A lot of things are in store for the Pokemon franchise this year as 2016 marks its 20th anniversary. As of now, the Pokemon Company?s only commemorations of the anniversary is the Super Bowl commercial and the re-release of the original Pokemon games on the 3DS. New rumors now claim that the company might release a new title later this year, and it?s not Pokemon Z.

MetalDave from NintenGen recently revealed that a marketing employee of Nintendo of America has claimed that a celebratory anniversary game will be launched this year in the form of Pokemon Rainbow. The unnamed employee shared ?an internal US marketing budget and scheduling overview for 2016 focusing on Wii U and 3DS? with MetalDave.

In summary, the report notes that $34.5 million will be the allotted marketing budget for the Wii U this year, $10 million of which will be solely for the upcoming Legend of Zelda Wii U title. Meanwhile,the 3DS will have a significantly larger budget of $56.25 million.

Among the codenamed projects under the 3DS is Pokemon Niji. The term Niji, when translated, means Rainbow. It?s a very odd name for a title, but MetalDave added that his source said that the code names are rarely the final title for the game when it launches. Furthermore, the code name confirms that the game will be the Pokemon 20th anniversary game.

It was previously rumored that Pokemon Z, the successor to 2013?s Pokemon X and Y, will be the next main game. However, no solid proof was released about Pokemon Z. With Pokemon Rainbow being listed by Nintendo itself, it?s highly likely that it will take the place of Pokemon Z instead.

Fans may have heard the name Pokemon Rainbow before. The game has been rumored years ago, ahead of the January 2013 Nintendo Direct. According to GoNintendo, the game will be accompanied by a Wii U application, and it features most of the Pokemons, both old and new.

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