Pokemon XYZ: Internet Goes Crazy Over Ash’s Pokemon League Result

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It seemed like the Pokemon XYZ show was finally going to give Ash his big moment. He had a great roster with him, including his immensely powerful version of Greninja and he finally made it to the finals in the league, something he had never done in the show. Sadly, all the hype was for nothing, as Ash has once again lost the big one and fans are not pleased with the result.

The show has been going strong for 20 years, making it one of the longest running anime ever. Yet, through all the years, Ash has never won the Pokemon League. It was a bit understandable for him to lose the first time, maybe even the second, but he has lost so many times that a lot of fans have given up on the character ever achieving his dream.

Kotaku pointed out that Ash even smiled when he lost, making it hard for the fans to sympathize with him anymore. Winning might not be everything, but seeing Ash claim to be the best before he chokes and loses like he always does makes it hard to take his plight seriously. This is why the fans will always feel like they’re better than Ash, no matter what game they play.

Fans on Twitter have been rather rough to the protagonist, though they did praise the sleek animation of the fights in Pokemon XYZ. One fan even praised the hype of the Pokemon league fight, since Ash had never been this close to winning before. This is what makes his loss even more disappointing, since the character was so close to winning, especially since he’s assembled his best roster of Pokemon in some time.

Back to the drawing board for Ash.

That being said, the show is based on a popular video game series, so it seems like Ash lost so he can nab some creatures from Pokemon Sun and Moon. Why he couldn’t do it as a Pokemon League winner is beyond anyone, but it’s the direction the show went. Pokemon is still immensely popular with young fans, so expect Ash to lose even more Pokemon Leagues in the future.

Fans who want to feel better after the result of the Pokemon XYZ League tournament should win some fights in Pokemon GO. They can also patiently wait for Pokemon Sun and Moon on the 3DS. ?

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