Pokemon XY And Z The Movie Trailer Showcases Volcanion And Magearna

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Pokemon XY and Z the Movie has released its first official trailer on its official website. The promotional video reveals the plot of the upcoming film, including its setting. According to Anime News Network, a second trailer will also be released and can be streamed online next Wednesday.

The first trailer of Pokemon XY and Z the Movie explains how Ash is associated to Volcanion. It is implied in the video why the two have to join together to save Magearna and prevent the evil minister from using the artificial Pok?mon?s mysterious power in controlling the mechanical kingdom. Simply put, Pokemon XY and Z the Movie is the adventure of Ash and Volcanion ?in a city of gears and cogs.?

But who is Magearna? What makes this mythical creature so important? The official website says that Magearna is the latest mythical Pokemon that has existed for 500 years and was created by scientists. By origin, this bipedal Pok?mon with a metallic body is artificial.

How did Ash and Volcanion end up together in this rescue mission? As described in the plot, ?Ash meets the Mythical Pok?mon Volcanion when it crashes down from the sky, creating a cloud of dust ?and a mysterious force binds the two of them together!?

However, Volcanion doesn?t have an endearing personality because unfortunately, he hates humans. Therefore, even if he?s already bound to Ash by this mystifying power, he makes several attempts to get away. He could not simply get away from the mysterious force though and ends up dragging Ash with him every time he wants to flee.

Fans can only imagine the exciting adventure of Ash and Volcanion in the upcoming film. Pokemon XY and Z the Movie is slated to hit Japan theaters on July 16. For more updates, stay tuned here at TheBitbag. ?Pokemon XY And Z The Movie

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