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Pokemon X & Y: How To Complete Your Pokedex

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In the game, there are more than 600 species of Pokemon, and it will take you forever to catch them all. In some instances, you will be needing to trade with other Pokemon trainers or players. This makes filling up the Pokedex a somewhat colossal task.
Yeah, it is easy to get frustrated, but with the tips below, you?ll be able to immediately complete your Pokedex en route to 100% completion.

In the field
Some of the easiest ways to find a Pokemon is to run through tall grass and flowers, or exploring swamps and caves. And in addition, later in the game, you will be able to acquire a fishing rod that you can use to catch specific kinds of Pokemons.

Shaking trash cans
If you visit the Pokemon Village or the Lost Hotel, you will come across some trash cans. Give those green trash cans a good shake to reveal hidden Pokemons that you won?t be able to find anywhere else. It includes Rotom, Banette and Trubish.

Horde encounters
It turns out that only a selected number of Pokemons are available in horde encounters, where you will be facing five opponents. If you want to experience increased horde encounters, we suggest you use Honey.

Breaking rocks
Make one of your Pokemons learn the ability Rock Smash, then break every cracked stone you?ll come across. There will be times that you?ll obtain hidden items, but most of the time, you will encounter Binacle, Dwebble, Shuckle and Slugma.

Pokemon eggs
Pokemons like Munchlax, Makuhita and also Pikachu can be found in eggs. But you will need to acquire these eggs first and let them hatch.

Riding Pokemon
You can easily traverse the rough terrains of the Kalos region while you?re riding a certain Pokemon. If you ride a Mamoswine, you find Sneasel, Delibird and Snover, while hitching a ride on Rhyhorn will yield Hippopotas, Heliotile and Sandile.

Restoring fossils
DO NOT DISCARD ANY FOSSILS THAT YOU WILL FIND. Instead, bring them in the Fossil Lab to bring those deceased Pokemons back to life.

Friend Safari
The greatest way to catch a Pokemon with superiors stats is by going into Friend Safaris. If you want to learn more about Friend Safaris, click here.

Legendary Pokemon
Now let us talk about the granddaddies of them all. Legendary Pokemons like Mewtwo, Xerneas, Zyrade and Moltres can only be found in certain locations, which we will provide later.

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