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Pokemon X & Y: A Bundle of Updates

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Pokemon X & Y, the titles which were released before Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, are getting well deserved updates.

This is according to news from Gaming Bolt, which also pointed out that these patches weren?t that important?except if people counted the fact that it was bringing with it timely fixes for bugs and for the over-all stability of the game. That?s not all it brings, however, if this Power Leveled report about a Shiny Charizard is to be heard.

Speaking of Pokemon X & Y, Lazy Gamer treats us to news about every Pokemon Trainer?s dream: Legendaries. These Pokemon are considered the turning tide of a game, whether it?s in the first generation or the current generation. There is a legendary that?s currently being talked about, although this particular legendary Pokemon was well hidden away within the layers of codes from the first series of the current generation.

Timely Updates that Fixes Nothing?

Updates are important in every game. They are used to implement timely fixes for errors and bugs that are left-over in development.

Gaming Bolt, however, reports that the latest fix for Pokemon X & Y appears to be doing nothing. While it is a welcome update nonetheless, the only thing it does is that it makes the game run even smoothly than it used to and it?s implemented for the various bugs. More importantly, the report says that it was needed to address an exploit being used by players to cheat the game.

A welcome development, however, comes from this Power Leveled news. Players received a Shiny Charizard for a limited time only?last April 3?by going to any of GAME‘s 320 stores. The Charizard was transmitted through codes that were available upon request. Now imagine if this Shiny Charizard transformed into its Mega Evolution form?

Another Legendary unbound

Speaking of legendaries, Lazy Gamer brings us this report about a not-so-secret legendary finally being released into the wild, so to speak.

The Pokemon Hoopa, a legendary that?s unattainable through normal means, is finally revealed, to no Pokemon trainer?s surprise. The Pokemon has been attained through other means, perhaps, and its presence in the game files of X, Y, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby wasn?t a well-kept secret. Now, players can expect to receive Hoopa through a release.

Hoopa and Diancie are both revealed just in time for an upcoming Pokemon film which stars the former. Hoopa can evolve into another form, one that is known as Hoopa Unbound.

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Gotta Catch ?Em All!

With Hoopa and Diancie being revealed at long last, aspiring Pokemon trainers can finally get down to completing their Pokedex. Though that?s the case, players can still look forward to new stuff that updates can bring?and perhaps, this time, more important updates at that and not ones that seemingly do nothing.


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