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Pok?mon X and Y Still the Most Profitable Video Game for 3DS

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Pok?mon X and Y Still the Most Profitable Video Game for 3DS

Kyoto, Japan ? Nintendo announced that Pok?mon X and Y are still the best-sellers among all their video games for the Nintendo 3DS.

It has been nearly two decades since the release of the cartoon but the sales for its games proves that age does not matter. This February 2014, the sales for the long-running RPG reached 11.6 million. Not one from their other collection of games came close. This is equivalent to 12 million copies worldwide.

However, there are other Pok?mon games that already beat this record for the DS games. Its predecessors, Pok?mon Gold and Diamond reached as much as 17.6 million. On the one hand, Pok?mon Black and Pearl got to the 15.4 million mark.

Other Legendary Games for Nintendo

If they were to consider all the other games that Nintendo got for their consoles, New Super Mario Brothers will still lead. It sold as much as 30.38 million copies all over the world. Pok?mon X and Y are just too far from these figures.

The gameplay of the New Super Mario Bros. has the right balance to attract both older and younger audience. Also, it is very simple and easy to understand, but the different levels will make you invest so much time on it.

In 2013, Super Mario Bros. topped the list for 3DS games with a record of 8.39 million. It was just this year that Pokemon X and Y ousted it from its spot.

The Pok?mon Series Is Just Too Much to Bear

If there could be a list that will name the most successful game series ever made, Pok?mon will surely get one of the spots. It will work alongside with Legend of Zelda, Mario Brothers and Kid Icarus. All in all, there are 245 million copies sold for all the games. Downloads and other pirated copies are not yet accounted in this. Just imagine how many people got addicted to these little animal-like creatures and their adventures.

There are still loads of fans who are talking about it even if it gets a lot of hateful words from others. Plus, it is never true that it is just for kids. Teenagers, and even adults, are still hooked.

Pok?mon X and Y have already established a strong foundation in the gaming industry. What do you think are the best changes that the game developers could add to it? How can they further improve their sales?

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