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Pokemon X and Y: Maison Guide and Tips

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If you play Pokemon X and Y long enough, you will find and discover the Battle Maison, a gigantic building located in Kiloude City. Enter and go on a historic winning streak and test your skills in Single Battles, Double, Triple and Rotation Battles. You can also do Multi Battles and team up with your friends. You will earn tons of Battle Points (BP) upon succeeding.

Achieving a 200 winning streak may seem a bit intimidating, but as long as you posses the perfect Pokemon for the job, it is within your reach. Here are some Battle Masion tips you can use to your advantage.


In the Battle Maison, the idea is to win consecutive matches without losing. Not to worry. Your progress can be saved between and during battles, and your streak will still be preserved. You can do this by selecting the interrupt to leave your current battle and autosave.

Also, you can have separate winning streaks in the certain battle types we?ve mentioned before. The Single Battles, Double Battles, Triple Battles, Rotation Battles and Multi Battles, which is going to create all sorts of epicness.

Important Tips To Keep In Mind:
Always remember to recharge you 3DS. If the battery of your system dies, you will lose any progress including your current streak.
NEVER EVER push the 3DS Home button, because that will also end your streak.
Don?t exit out of or reboot the game unless you are finished with Battle Maison.


If you win 19 battles consecutively, you will meet one of the four Battle Maison owners, who?s referred to as the Battle Chatelaines. However, the person you will meet in the 20th battle will depend on the battle type you have selected.
For Single Battles, you will meet Nita, for Double Battles, Evelyn, for Rotation Battles, you?ll meet Morgan, and Dana for Triple Battles. Beat any of them and you will be unlocking the resulting Super Battle Type.

50 consecutive victories will result in a monument appearing at the Battle Maison entrance in your honor.? What?s more it that you are able to unlock five more monuments that will correspond to each battle type.

Win 100 battles in a row and you will receive a Lansat Berry from the girl standing in the Battle Maison entrance. Give this treat to your favorite Pokemon, this will boost its critical hit ratio.

Bonus Tip:
Along Route 7, plant Battle Maison Berries to grow more.

And finally, a 200 winning streak will put a Starf Berry in your pocket, which will be given to you by the same girl in the Battle Maison entrance. The berry will significantly boost one of your Pokemon?s stats.



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