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Pokemon X and Y: How To Catch Zapdos, Articudo, Moltres And Other Legendary Pokemons

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Gotta catch ?em all, yeah? Well then, here?s how you can catch those Legendary Pokemons in Pokemon X and Y. Before we start, let us curb any optimism straight away. You won?t be able to have all the legendary Pokemons in the game without trading.


How To Catch Moltres, Articudo Or Zapdos

The other legendary Pokemons you can collect in the game that are not associated with Pokemon X and Y are the legendary birds. However, it will depend on which starter Pokemon you?re gonna pick.

  • If you choose Froakie, the legendary bird Moltres will appear.
  • If you choose Chespin, the legendary bird Articuno will appear.
  • If you choose Fennekin, the legendary bird Zapdos will appear.

Once you have defeated the Elite Four, your legendary bird will appear. It will roam the world and you will have travel again to catch it.
Good thing you have your Pokedex with you – it can track the legendary bird?s current location. The bird will randomly appear when you walk around in tall grass.
When the bird shows, it will have its unique entry animation, so you?ll immediately know when a legendary bird has arrived.
The only annoying part of catching it is the fact that you?ll have to find it ten times. Why?
Because every time you?ll encounter the bird, it will flee. But once you?re done, it will appear in the Sea Spirit?s Den where you will be able to catch it once and for all.

If you want to get all the legendary birds, your only option is to trade for them, either with a friend of yours or on the Global Trade Network.


How To Get Other Legendary Pokemons

Earlier, we mentioned that you will not be able to catch all legendary Pokemons in the game, which means, the only way of collecting all of them will be thru trades.

Across Kalos, you will come across some cafes where you will be given an option to make an upgrade for your seating for a better tier, but of course, for a fee.
If you pay 5,000 Pokedollar, your seating will be upgraded to the best and an NPC will appear in the next area. He will show you a Legendary Pokemon, or if you?re generous enough ? he will show you a pseudo-legendary Pokemon like Dragonite, which will be added to your Pokedex.
This does not mean you can get the Pokemon, but it will be unlocked for searching on the GTS. (Global Trade System)
There is no assurance that you?ll be able to trade one of these, but there?s a chance you will find someone looking for a specific Pokemon to trade for one of these legendary Pokemons.

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