Pokemon Uranium Download: New Fan-made Pokemon Game Available For Free

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Pokemon Uranium

When Joao Vitor started heading a small team to develop a fan-based Pokemon game, he did not think it would take a very long time to make. Nevertheless, he pushed on. Nine years later, they are still going strong. So strong in fact that they just released the game to the public. Introducing the Pokemon Uranium…

Set in Tandor Region, players can discover and catch Pokemon in this brilliantly designed game. Gamers can experience all four seasons as they traverse the game and at the same time encounter new species of Pokemon.

Battle your way as you collect all eight gym badges and become the ultimate Tandor Pokemon champion. Discover 192 species of Pokemon – plus 8 more in future updates. Train your Pokemon to be the best. Defend Tandor and prevent its destruction by fending off nuclear-Pokemon-wielding thugs.

As with the original games, players also encounter some oddballs hiding in every nooks and crannies of Tandor. Gamers watch out!

Pokemon Uranium

[Pokemon Uranium]

Players can also trade Pokemon with other players in the game?s online system. In addition to online trading, there is also an option for online battle.

In retrospect, the game looks legit. The sprites and environment are well made. Animation and cinematic are comparable to actual the Pokemon games. The game is indeed quite fun to play. Gamers will instantly see this one as a major hit. With all the details that the team managed to put in the game, it is easy to forget that this was made by fans. Old timers and newbies alike will surely find it very entertaining. Old timers will reminisce on their previous exploits while newcomers will find themselves immersed in this exciting world of Pokemon.

Pokemon Uranium is currently available to Windows for download at no cost. The team intends to release the Mac and Linux versions soon as well as multi-lingual support. Unfortunately, the game will not be available to mobile devices.

The Uranium team is composed of Joao and Voluntary Twitch. Joao is in-charge of programming, fixing bugs, and maintaining the online system. On the other hand, Voluntary Twitch manages the overall design, sprites, animation, in-game texts and story.

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