Pokemon Uranium Download Link: Install Working File After Nintendo Removed The Game

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After nine years in development, the fan-made Pokemon Uranium was finally released to PC gamers everywhere before it was removed by the developers due to takedown notices. This was expected since game developers have been taking down these fan-made projects for quite some time, so this unique Pokemon game was no exception. Thankfully, the game is still available in some places.

While it can’t be downloaded on the main site anymore, it can be obtained in this Reddit forum. A fan made a mirror site for PC gamers who were not able to play the fan-made game. It is a free download after all, so those who want an interesting Pokemon experience that isn?t Pokemon GO should consider downloading it.

To provide a smoother gaming experience for newer players, the fan also provided information on how to properly play the game. It’s not as simple as downloading and installing the game, sadly, but the fact that there is instructions is a nice touch. Players can find the set of instructions here.

Pokemon Uranium might not be the drastic change in gameplay that Pokemon Sun and Moon is, but it does offer some unique elements that the real games can learn from. Adding radioactive type Pokemon is intriguing and should at least be considered by Nintendo and Game Freak. The setting is also dark for a Pokemon game since it includes monsters that were experimented on by humans, which is pretty unsettling.

Despite being a fan-made game, Uranium has had fans excited for quite sometime. The fact that the developers worked on the PC game for almost a decade is a testament to their work, and the positive fan reaction must feel good. While the game was taken down, it already had 1.5 million downloads, so it is a definite success among the fan community.

Pokemon Uranium might not be available in the main site anymore, but it doesn’t seem like it will be dying anytime soon. The fan-made game has been a hit with Pokemon lovers everywhere and will likely be a classic in the realms of fan-made gaming. It should be a nice alternative to Pokemon GO.

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