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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Are The Last 3DS Entries, Brand New Pokemon RPG For Nintendo Switch Confirmed

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pokemon ultra sun and moon
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon are the last 3DS Pokemon games. [Image from Nintendo]

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon have officially been confirmed as the last core entries of the series for the 3DS. Nintendo announced that Game Freak are working on a new core Pokemon game for the Switch, confirming it’s new home. It seems like the Switch Pokemon game will not be the heavily rumored Pokemon Stars, but a brand new entry.

Much like Black and White 2 for the original DS, Ultra Sun and Moon should be fitting final 3DS games. The regular versions of Sun and Moon were pretty revolutionary for the series, so a small expansion should please fans. New areas not seen in the first game have been confirmed, along with a few new Pokemon here and there.

Sun and Moon 2

Nintendo previously confirmed that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon would feature a brand new story that’s still set in Alola. Very little has been revealed about said story, but it should be set sometime after the Sun and Moon. The fairly short footage of the game indicates that the new protagonist will start in a different city as well.

The original Sun and Moon replaced Pokemon Gyms with Island Challenges, making the two feel fresh and original. Since Ultra Sun and Moon are sequels, expect new Island Challenges to take on, which will hopefully feel fresh. Hopefully, they will be enough to make the game feel fresh, since players will also be revisiting the same areas.

An Ultra Finale

Most fans knew Nintendo would prioritize the Switch over the 3DS, and a new Pokemon entry is proof of that. While fans ponder on what new features can be introduced, they can visit Alola once more with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. The sequels might feel like a cash grab, but if the new Island Challenges and story are interesting, no one will complain.

Sun and Moon were critically acclaimed when they came out, gaining plenty of positive reactions from fans and critics alike. Moving the series to Alola and replacing the Pokemon Gyms with Island Challenges made the two games feel fresh. It’s doubtful that the sequels will feel as fresh, but they should be fun and a fitting farewell to the 3DS.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon will be released on November 17 for the 3DS, one year after the originals. The Game Boy Color versions of Pokemon Gold and Silver are also coming to 3DS this September. Pokken Tournament DX will also be coming to the Switch, with new fighters coming to this version.

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