Pokemon Sun And Moon Zygarde Core And Cell Locations: 100 Items To Find In Alola

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Pokemon Sun And Moon

There are quite a few Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon and one of these is Zygarde. The Pokemon we?ve seen from X and Y is making an appearance in Alola and is definitely stronger than ever. Before adding Zygarde to their teams, players will need to collect Zygarde Cells and Cores scattered all throughout Alola.

Thanks to the leaked ROMs of Pokemon Sun and Moon, a few players have already determined the locations of some of the Zygarde Core and Cells in the game. Pokemon GO Hub shares their guide to getting the Legendary to its full form.

Zygarde Cell Locations

AnyAether ParadiseB2F:Lab Area, all the way to the right of corridor, next to Secret Lab B?s door
AnyAether ParadiseEntrance Area, pass the gate, to the right and up the stairs, right in the middle of a square space.
AnyAether ParadiseEntrance Area, past the bridge, to the left side of the building
AnyAether ParadiseEntrance Area, first room inside the building, under the lamp on the right
AnyAkala IslandTide Song Hotel, at the top
AnyAkala IslandJust ahead of the cave east of Lush Jungle entrance
AnyAkala IslandRoute 4, near Pokemon Breeder
AnyAkala IslandOutside Paniola Ranch
AnyAkala IslandRoute 6
AnyAkala IslandRoyal Avenue?s Parking lot
AnyAkala IslandRoute 7, near shore
AnyAkala IslandVolcano Trial, left side
AnyAkala IslandRoute 5, from Route 8
AnyAkala IslandRoute 8, Outside Aether?s building
AnyAkala IslandDigglet Tunnel, up the stairs and to the right
AnyAkala IslandAkala Outskirts
DayAkala IslandHano Beach, under watch tower
AnyAkala IslandHano Beach, under parasol
NightAkala IslandOutside Paniola Ranch
NightAkala IslandRoyal Avenue, to the right of the PokeCenter
NightAkala IslandDimensional Research Lab, right outside
NightAkala IslandKoniKoni City, near Lighthouse point
AnyMelemele IslandKala?e Bay, requires Lapras
AnyMelemele IslandRoute 1, after the first patch of grass
AnyMelemele IslandRoute 1, after the rocks blocking the path
AnyMelemele IslandRoute 3, Outside Melemele Meadow
AnyMelemele IslandRoute 3, Near Berry Tree
AnyMelemele IslandVerdant Cavern
AnyMelemele IslandRoute 2, near houses
DayMelemele IslandRight outside Professor?s Lab
DayMelemele IslandIllima?s house
NightMelemele IslandIki Town, entrance to Trial
NightMelemele IslandTrainer?s School first floor, next to the A-Meowth
NightMelemele IslandHau?oli City, night next to the second PokeCenter?s door
NightMelemele IslandHau?oli Cemetery
AnyMelemele IslandOutside of the Ruins of Conflict, across the bridge
AnyPoni IslandSeafolk Village, Wailord Boar, under the leftmost table
AnyPoni IslandSeafolk Village, empty lot to the right of PokeCenter
AnyPoni IslandPoni Wilds, in the beach, between a Max Repel and two boulders
AnyUla?ula IslandMalie Garden, top left
AnyUla?ula IslandTo the left of PokeCenter, between two ambulances
AnyUla?ula IslandRecycling Plant, near truck
AnyUla?ula IslandRoute 10, behind Trainer Tips sign
AnyUla?ula IslandRoute 12, rock past the first rocky path
AnyUla?ula IslandRoute 12, right beside Punk double battle
AnyUla?ula IslandSecluded Shore
AnyUla?ula IslandRoute 13, south from the fountain
AnyUla?ula IslandTapu Village, just outside PokeCenter
AnyUla?ula IslandRoute 14, far right to the trial entrance
AnyUla?ula IslandBlush Mountain, near sign
AnyUla?ula IslandRoute 15, down the first ramp
AnyUla?ula IslandAether House, left room
AnyUla?ula IslandRoute 16, to the left of PokeCenter
AnyUla?ula IslandUla?ula Meadow, wooden planks, exactly right of the PokeFinder spot
AnyUla?ula IslandHaina Desert, check the stones near an exit: 2 > 1, next to the plant in the middle
AnyUla?ula IslandRuins Of Abundance, from the desert check the stones near an exit: 2 > 1 > Up > 4 > Left > 3 (Ruins)
AnyUla?ula IslandUla?ula Meadow, near exit to Lake of the Sunne
AnyUla?ula IslandRoute 17, down the ramps and near a Team Skull Member
AnyUla?ula IslandRoute 17, outer corner of Po City
AnyUla?ula IslandPo Town, top right corner, by the yellow car
NightUla?ula IslandSecluded Shore, near policeman
NightUla?ula IslandRoute 11, to the left of Martial Artist
NightUla?ula IslandRoute 13, near Mudsdale
NightUla?ula IslandRoute 14, near Fisherman
NightUla?ula IslandMalie Community Center, far right
NightUla?ula IslandPo Town, top left corner, by the red car

Zygarde Core Locations

AnyMelemele IslandYour room
AnyMelemele IslandHala?s house
AnyAkala IslandOlivia?s room
AnyUla?Ula IslandPo Town, police department
Any?Hapu?s House

The post notes that the list is still incomplete. There are a total of 100 Zygarde Cells to locate and only 70 have been found so far.

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