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Pokemon Sun And Moon Z-Ring: Where To Buy The Bracelet And What You Should Know

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

The recent trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon dropped a lot of details regarding the game, and there?s a lot to take in. Like Pokemon X and Y, Pokemon Sun and Moon will introduce a new battle mechanic that might spice up the battles. The new special abilities are called Z-Moves, and they look to be downright powerful. What?s even better is that Game Freak is developing a nifty gadget ?ala Pokemon GO Plus called Z-Ring. Here?s what you should know about it.

What It Does

Z-Ring is more for aesthetic purposes than functional. According to the official website of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Z-Rings activate when a player uses Z-Moves. These nifty devices light up and vibrate when activated, and players will feel even more ?overwhelming Z-Moves with even more realism!? However, there might be more of the device as it?s said that Tomy International, the creator of the gadget, will give more details soon. Each Z-Ring will come with one Z-Crystal. These Z-Crystals will also be interchangeable.

How Much Is It?

The price of one Z-Ring is about $26, according to Crunchyroll, and it will come with one free Z-Crystal. If players want more Z-Crystals, Tomy International will also be selling sets of three for $6. Additionally, Tomy International will also be retailing bundles that include a Z-Ring and six Z-Crystals for $44. There are a total of 18 Z-Crystals, one for each Pokemon type.

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Is It Worth Getting?

Again, the Z-Ring is probably not functional. It might not do anything for Pokemon Sun and Moon, but it could be a good find for series fans as it aims on giving a more in-depth experience for the upcoming title. The device is set to release alongside Pokemon Sun and Moon on Nov. 18, so there?s still some time to think about whether or not it?s worth buying.

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