Pokemon Sun And Moon: All Z-Moves Leaked! [Video]

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Pokemon Sun and Moon comes out later this week, but that doesn’t seem to stop the leaks. Mere days away from release, the Z-moves of the two games have been leaked and they look fairly impressive. With this video, we can confirm that the final evolutions of the starter Pokemon have Z-moves. What’s even more impressive is that they have multiple Z-moves, adding more variety than expected.

The video is 15 minutes filled with Z-moves and they’re all animated very well. It seems like the two games will be the best-looking Pokemon titles currently out. Each Z-move has a different dance from the trainer, which shows that a lot of work was put into these titles. Fans can thank Reddit and New Game + for the leaked video.

Poke-Sentai Moves

Each Z-Move in Pokemon Sun and Moon has the player’s custom trainer do a little dance. It’s a bit silly and very Japanese, but it does unleash a devastating move afterward. The fact that the final evolutions of the starters get five Z-moves each is crazy and might be imbalanced. Each of these Z-Moves also gets a different dance, showing how much effort was put into these games.

New and old Pokemon also get some cool Z-Moves. Snorlax becomes ridiculously fast and runs over its opponent, becoming the equivalent of a Poke-bulldozer. The lazy Pokemon also has another move that lets it jump in the air and squash the opposing foe. Fans already know the Z-Moves of Eevee and Pikachu, which are cute, but deadly. Eevee gets a massive stat boost, while Pikachu shocks his opponent big time.

Full Force Z Moves

Now that fans know who have the Z-Moves, they will know who to catch in Pokemon Sun and Moon. These Pokemon might be essential catches now and will likely be part of several player parties for the online fights, which is where the real competition comes from. Players are going to have to train their creatures well, if they want to survive these Z-Moves.

Pokemon Sun and Moon come out later this week on November 18. It’s the most pre-ordered 3DS game for good reason. ?

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