Pokemon Sun And Moon: Version Exclusive Pokemon Revealed In New Trailer

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Nintendo and Game Freak recently dropped a new trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon. The latest trailer focuses on the key differences between the two versions of the game. As expected, there are a few version exclusive Pokemon to get which makes the task of ?catching ?em all? a bit harder than the usual.

Passimian And Oranguru

The first Pokemon revealed is Passimian. It?s a Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Sun only and it carries the Fighting type with it. It?s special ability, Receiver, allows it to copy any special ability of its comrades that faints in battle.

Passimian?s counterpart in Pokemon Moon is another primate based Pokemon, Oranguru. This Pokemon carries the Normal and Psychic typing. It?s special ability is Inner Focus/Telepathy which allows it to not flinch in battle unless the opposing Pokemon has Mold Breaker, Tervolt or Turboblaze. One of Oranguru?s moves is called Instruct. Upon using it, Oranguru instructs its ally to do its most recent action. It?s a pretty effective move against Pokemon teams that are weak against Oranguru?s allies.

Rockruff Evolutions

Rockruff will evolve differently depending on what version the player has. If the player has Pokemon Sun, Rockruff will evolve into Lycanroc midday form. While owners of Pokemon Moon will get the Lycanroc midnight form. Both Pokemon will have Keen Eye but midday form will have Sand Rush while the other will have Vital Spirit.

Other Differences

Aside from version exclusive Pokemon, Pokemon Sun and Moon will also have other version differences. As revealed in a trailer before, the events in the game will vary depending on what version the players have. We?ve yet to know as to what extent the version differences will be in terms of how the story unfolds but players shouldn?t expect much of a difference between the two.

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