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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Groom Pokemon To Get New Evolutions? New Customization Features Shown In Trailer

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Recently, the new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer revealed more new Pokemon and features. Trainer Customization and the Pokemon Refresh systems were showcased by Game Freak. ?Notably, these two features already had prior versions introduced in Pokemon X and Y. Here?s what we know so far about the upcoming additions.

Trainer Customization returns

Pokemon X and Y?s Trainer Customization system is confirmed to return in the upcoming entry. Players can now customize their character?s appearance with the game?s available clothes. Almost every article of clothing and your character?s hairstyle could be changed. It?s still unknown if this new Trainer Customization allows players to switch skin tones once they?ve already picked one. However, the players may have to rack up ?Festival Coins? to buy more clothes for your character.

Pokemon Refresh replaces Pokemon-Amie?

Previously, Pokemon X and Y?s Pokemon-Amie allowed players to pet and touch their Pokemon to gain their affection. Some of these Pokemon need affection points to gain general stat bonuses and even evolve Pokemon a certain way. In the new Pokemon Refresh system, the player grooms the Pokemon instead of just petting and making faces in front of the Pokemon. This gimmick might be crucial in some of Pokemon Sun and Moon?s new evolutions, so keep these affection meters in mind.

Nod to Casual Fanbase

Most of these new systems cater mostly to Pokemon Sun and Moon casual audience due to its cosmetic heavy focus. Trainer Customization will allow any player to assert their individuality over other trainers instead of universally looking similar in the game. Pokemon Refresh allows players to treat their Pokemon like pets instead of animals intended to fight each other. Pokemon Sun and Moon may possibly retain the Pokemon contests in the game. Casual fans may opt to focus on these competitions with slightly less tactical than its usual PvP Trainer battle counterpart.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released this coming November 18. In just two months from now, players may enjoy the other new systems revealed in the game like Alola Pokemon forms and Z-Moves.?

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