Pokemon Sun And Moon: Trainer Customization Leak For Male And Female Characters

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Pokemon Sun and Moon are almost here. The two 3DS games make their way to game stores next week on November 18. Obviously, fan anticipation has grown heavily, to the point that a number of leaks appeared. Fans have been able to see all the new Pokemon and their stats weeks before the release of the two games. That doesn’t deter their excitement though.

One thing fans can’t wait to play around with is the custom trainer feature. When it first appeared in X and Y, fans went ballistic. This is why many were disappointed that Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire didn’t retain these features. Thankfully, they’re back in full force and have even more options than X and Y.

More Leaks

Thanks to a curious Redditor, some custom trainer leaks have been revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Seems like the game will start with more hairstyles than in X and Y, which is a great sign. Clothes will be limited in the beginning, but clothes shops should help add variety. After disappearing in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it’s nice to see this feature return.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Male Hairstyles

Given the renewed focus on the online features, adding more custom features was needed. Now that we can see what they have in store, fans should be happy. The two games aren’t even out yet and it seems like they’ll be the best Pokemon games in quite sometime. Beating Gold and Silver for best Pokemon games might actually be achievable.

Custom Love

Letting fans create their character usually leads to some interest. This is why MMO games have been so successful, since they let players decide how they’ll look. It took a while for Game Freak to catch up, so here is hoping Pokemon Sun and Moon have even more custom features. While not bare bones, they don’t offer as much options as a WWE game.

Pokemon Sun and Moon come out next week on November 18 for the 3DS. Will they be the last Pokemon games for the beloved handheld? Only time will tell, as Nintendo will soon give bigger focus to the upcoming Nintendo Switch.

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