Pokemon Sun And Moon Trailer Shows Legendary Typing, Talking Pokedex And Many More!

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The Official Pokemon Channel on Youtube recently released the much anticipated June 2 Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer. Like the past reveal, this announcement is in the form of a gameplay trailer that show?s off a lot more of the game than the first one.

Solgaleo And Lunaala

First to be revealed on the trailer is Solgaleo. This Legendary is a Psychic and Steel type Pokemon and its skill is Full Metal Body. What this skill does is negate all debuff skills by the enemy, meaning Solgaleo won?t have his stats lowered from the get go. The trailer also shows off a powerful looking attack by Solgaleo called Sunsteel Strike.

Lunaala on the other hand will be a Psychic Ghost type. Its skill is Shadow Shield, but the effects of the skill weren?t shown. For its powerful attack, we got a glimpse of Moongeist Beam.

Exploring Alola

The next bit revealed in the new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer is the full concept map of the game?s region, Alola. The Hawaii-inspired region will have several islands which that has a volcano, a snowy mountain, and many more. Like past titles, the region will be able to accommodate the different regions and their Pokemon type.


We also got to meet Alola?s cast of characters. Welcoming players on their journey is Professor Kukui, who is joined by his assistant, Lillie. The last of the characters to be revealed is Hau, who could be a close companion of the protagonist.

New Pokedex?

The last part of the trailer is perhaps the most interesting one. This time around, the player?s Pokedex might not be just a simple machine. The Pokedex will have a Rotom embedded in it, meaning it could communicate with the player directly.

See the Pokemon Sun and Moon new gameplay trailer below!

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