Pokemon Sun And Moon: Top 3 Ultra Beast To Get

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Pokemon Sun And Moon

The Ultra Beasts are some of the most mysterious creatures in Alola. There are eight of them all in all and players have the chance to capture each of them.They?re not all equal in strength as there are a few Ultra Beasts that are way powerful than the others. Here are the top three best Ultra Beasts in Pokemon Sun and Moon.



This Ultra Beast has exceptional base HP and players can expect this to go up even more with each level. Aside from being durable, Guzzlord also has superb attack and sp. attack stats. The only downside of Guzzlord is that it has poor defenses which sort of negate its high HP. However, with proper training, Guzzlord can have good defense stats. Players can leave its speed stat alone as Guzzlord can act as a slow but damaging tank.



Necrozoma has pretty balanced stats. Its sp. attack does have a slight lead over the other stats, but it?s not too significant. One of the weak points of Necrozoma is that it has only one typing which is Psychic, so it leaves it vulnerable to a wider range of Pokemon. However, Necrozoma has a unique ability out of all the Ultra Beasts in Pokemon Sun and Moon which is Prism Armor. This ability allows it to take lesser damage from super effective attacks.



Also known as UB-02 Beauty, Pheromosa can be treated as a high damaging hero. It has very exceptional attack and sp. attack stats which go well with its very high speed. It?s almost certain that Pheromosa will attack first so it can take out enemies instantly. However, Pheromosa?s weakness lies in its very low HP and defense stats. To counter this, it would be best to increase her defense and sp. defense stats first.

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