Pokemon Sun And Moon TMs: All TMs In First Island

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Pokemon Sun and Moon launches today, and Pokemon fans have a lot to be excited about. The island of Alola offers a lot of opportunities for big adventures, but players shouldn?t be too hasty in exploring. There are a lot of secrets in the game and one of these are the TMs. There are quite a few Pokemon Sun and Moon TMs on the first island, Melemele.


There are four islands in Alola and all of them have secrets. This guide by Pokemon GO Hub reveals all of the Pokemon Sun and Moon TMs on the first island.

TM05RoarMelemele Island, Kala?e Bay
TM31Brick BreakMelemele Island, Verdant Cavern (1st Room)
TM46ThiefMelemele Island, Verdant Cavern (Back Room ? Requires Tauros Charge)
M48RoundMelemele Island, Hau?oli Cith Shopping District
TM49Echoed VoiceMelemele Island, near the Hau?oli City Marina
TM54False SwipeGift from Professor Kukui after defeating Melemele Island Kahuna Hala
TM56FlingHau?oli Cemetery, Route 2, Melemele Island
TM62AcrobaticsMelemele Island, Ten Carat Hill (Back room)
TM64ExplosionMelemele Island, Melemele Sea (requires Sharpedo Jet)
TM80Rock SlideMelemele Sea, Melemele Island
TM83InfestationMelemele Island, Route 3 (Requires Tauros Charge)
TM87SwaggerGuzma?s house, Route 2, Melemele Island
TM100ConfideMelemele Island, Hau?oli Cemetery

As expected, there are quite a few TMs in the first island. There are a total of 100 TMs in the game. Players can?t instantly get all the Melemele Island TMs from the get go. They?ll have to go back to the island once they have access to better Poke Rides. Particularly, players will need to backtrack to the first island to get the Infestation, Explosion and Thief TMs as they?ll require a few specific Poke Rides.

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