Pokemon Sun And Moon Tips: How To Increase Happiness Quickly

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Evolving Pokemon into its next form varies per Pokemon. Although the majority of the Pokemon evolve after reaching a certain level, some Pokemon require more work. One of the ways to evolve a Pokemon is by increasing affection or happiness. It?s a tough job in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but it seems like one player has found an easier way to increase happiness.

Redditor Leafeon111 shares his short exploit on how to quickly increase a Pokemon?s happiness. This is a particularly useful guide as there are a few Pokemon that will have a happiness requirement before evolving. To increase happiness quickly, the player notes:

  • Find two TM’s that your Pokemon can learn (for example I used Echoed Voice and Protect)
  • Replace one of their moves with one TM
  • Replace the move taught with one TM with the other TM
  • Repeat step 3 for 5 – 10 minutes
  • Level up your Pokemon

With this method, players can easily evolve some Pokemon. Munchlax and Pichu both have a happiness requirement before evolving, so those looking to use Pulverizing Pancake of Snorlax should use this tip. In previous titles, there are NPCs that can tell the player how happy his Pokemon is. It?s likely that there?s a similar NPC in Alola. To be precise, players will need to get a Pokemon?s happiness to 220, but like in Pokemon GO, the NPCs only give appraisals and not the exact number.

Aside from this method, there are other ways to increase a Pokemon?s happiness in Pokemon Sun and Moon. According to Serebii, players can also do the following:

  • Having the Pok?mon in your party
  • Giving it Vitamins
  • Giving it Certain Berries
  • Gaining a Level

There are also ways to decrease a Pokemon?s happiness. Giving it bitter foods or causing it to faint in battle over and over again will decrease a Pokemon?s happiness.

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