Pokemon Sun And Moon Team Skull: New Group Changes Evil Team Formula?

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The latest Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer has come out and fans were not disappointed. While it didn’t introduce any new gameplay mechanics, it did confirm the Alolan versions of Raichu, Meowth and Marowak, while also introducing three new Pokemon. What also made the trailer special was the new antagonists of the game Team Skull, who are pretty different from the villains in previous installments.

Rather than being an organization filled with goons, it seems like Team Skull is more of a gang than anything else. Their clothes match, but they don’t look like the typical uniforms previous organizations had in other games. It seems like they will be a major nuisance to players, so the more things change the more they stay the same.

Pokemon Sun and Moon also has the leader of Team Skull interact with the Alolan professor in the game, which is a nice change of pace. It shows that the villains have a big presence in the game and that everyone is aware of the threat they impose, even if they only seem to catch Zubats and presumably Rattatas.

Their overall goal isn’t well-known yet, so it seems like fans will have to wait and play the two games to see what their plan is. For now, they just seem like bullies that want to establish the various islands as their turf, though they could always have more complex goals down the line. The most complex villains in the series thus far are the ones from Pokemon Black and White, since they were similar to PETA and wanted to stop humans from using Pokemon.

Considering the major changes in the player’s goal ? the island challenge instead of Pokemon Gyms ? it will be interesting to see how these villains differ from previous antagonists. Team Rocket is still the most memorable villain group in the Pokemon games, so only time will tell if Team Skull usurps them.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are slated for a November 18 release and fans cannot wait for either game. It really seems like a major departure from the previous titles in the series, thanks to the Alolan Pokemon and the new goals the player must reach. A manga based on the two games is coming out soon as well.

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