Pokemon Sun And Moon Team Planner: Tool To Create The Best Team In The Game

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

There are a lot of leaks in the upcoming Pokemon title, and thanks to these leaks, we?ve gotten a look at all the generation 7 Pokemon. The leak includes the moves and stats of all the Pokemon in Alola. A few fans took the opportunity to create a team building app to prepare fans for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon.

This Pokemon Team Planner by one die-hard fan gives players a chance to create their dream team in preparation for the big adventures that await in Alola. The planner comes with all the Pokemon data from the recent datamine, so it?s a pretty accurate tool for players to use.

The Team Planner for Pokemon Sun and Moon includes a lot of filters to make the selection process easier. The filters include the Pokemon generations, the typing, resistance, evolution and even the island in Alola in which the Pokemon is available in. Players are also given the choice to pick the Pokemon from a huge pool with the Pokemon sprites. However, there?s a huge pool of Pokemon to choose from, so it?s going to be tough without filters.

Perhaps the best filter is the islands. Thanks to the leaks, players also now know the sequence in which they?ll be visiting Alola?s islands. Through the team planner, players can easily create a team for early game and in late game. Additionally, players can also use the planner to counter the Trial Captains, Kahunas and even the Elite Four.

Upon picking a team, players can check to see the resistances, weaknesses and immunity of the current Pokemon team. Basically, the aim is to build a team with the least weaknesses and the most resistances and immunities.

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