Pokemon Sun and Moon: Strongest Qualities of 5 Weakest Pokemon

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Pokemon Sun and Moon is making players crazy with its innovative concept and unique Pokemon characteristics. The combination of strongest and weakest creatures makes the game more interesting for the players. Let?s take a look at the strongest qualities of the 5 weakest Pokemon.


Magikarp is the weakest Pokemon in the game with some amazing moves, any player can win the game with this Pokemon. The player can transform the Magikarp into a Ghost type by lowering its power point.


It is a big, shiny and round Pokemon with electric energy. Electrode stores electric energy with high pressure. Many times it explodes with no provocation. Using this knowledge, a player can use its explosion to defend against opponents.

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The lightweight Pokemon has no killing options as a character. But the tiny light Pokemon has a strong quality which distinguishes it from the rest. The attack move of Jigglypuff is to mesmerize its opponents and make them sleep by singing a beautiful lullaby. If the opponent refuses to sleep, then this Pokemon has the capacity to sing the lullaby until its lungs run out of air and die.

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Sunkern is a grass type Pokemon that looks like a seed. The Pokemon violently shakes its leaves when attacked and this makes it the most hilarious Pokemon of all time. This creature doesn?t eat anything which is why it?s a staple in the weakest Pokemon list.


Phione is the weaker version of Manaphy and it came into existence after breeding Manaphy. The squid like mythical water creature is well known for its underwater moves. The only reason for Phione’s existence is that the developers wanted to evolve a legendary Pokemon that can breathe underwater.

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