Pokemon Sun And Moon Steelbook Edition Announced By Nintendo

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

It seems like steelbook editions of games aren?t limited to consoles and PC, as Nintendo has announced a special steelbook edition for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Depending on the game chosen, the steelbook will either have Solgaleo if the player buys Pokemon Sun or Lunala if they purchase Pokemon Moon.

Aside from the steel bookcase for the two games, Nintendo has also announced a special 3DS XL that will have Solgaleo and Lunala in the model. The company also did this for Pokemon X and Y, so it is easy to see why they would be doing this again, since the Pokemon series has always been a top seller for the handheld platform.

Nintendo has dubbed these steel bookcase editions of Pokemon Sun and Moon as ?fan editions.? Like most games that have steel bookcases, fans will have the option to put their cartridge here instead of the game?s regular case, since they?ve always had a certain appeal over the regular ones.

Pokemon Sun steelbook. Source: Nintendo Inquirer

Currently, there are no plans to release these in North America, and they have only been confirmed for Europe, according to the Nintendo Inquirer. Of course, fan demand can always change that, and it would be nice to have a steel bookcase for a pair of 3DS games, so fans of the series better start voicing out how much they want this.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are easily the most anticipated games of the year, for the 3DS at least. The three new Pokemon starters look great, even if poor Popplio has gotten a bad reputation from fans, though he can always make up for that with his evolutions.

What makes the game a must-buy for fans is the new setting of Aloha, which is essentially Hawaii. Exploring a number of islands has also piqued many players? interests in the game, so Nintendo and Game Freak definitely have a bestseller in their hands.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are slated for a November 18 release for 3DS. The two games will also be playable on the New 3DS and 2DS. Fans who downloaded Pokemon Red and Blue can transfer their creatures to Sun and Moon via the Pokemon Bank app.

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