Pokemon Sun And Moon Shinies: Special Item To Increase Shiny Pokemon Encounters Found In Leak!

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

The Pokemon Sun and Moon leak has revealed an item that?ll increase chances of players in encountering Shiny Pokemon. In every Pokemon generation, shiny Pokemon are often rare versions of themselves and are extremely difficult to find. However, the requirement for this item is quite the grind. Here?s what we know so far on how to get this Pokemon Sun and Moon item.

Shiny Pokemon item

According to the ProjectPokemon?s text log records, the early Pokemon Sun and Moon players have confirmed an item that?ll increase Shiny Pokemon encounter rates. The item is said to be a “mysterious charm that will make you likely to encounter Shiny Pokemon when held”. However, the item?s name hasn?t been revealed.

The Big Grind

Players who?ll be willing to grind for the item may get Shiny Pokemon. As seen on the dialogue, the ?mysterious charm? is only awarded after a player completes the Alolan Pokedex. Players will have to scour all four islands of Alola and catch them all. As far as Pokedex completion is concerned, players will have to find a trade partner if there are version-exclusive Pokemon they want. However, the Alolan Pokedex only contains those native in the region and the full 1st to 7th Generation Pokemon list. If you want those shiny Pokemon, you may have to grind a large amount of time first.

Shiny Pokemon

Once you get the ?mysterious charm,? you can opt to use it to start finding the Shiny Pokemon in the wild. However, the charm may not assure a huge boost in encounter rates. Nevertheless, the struggle could be lessened with a boost equipped on one of your Pokemon. Previously, all Shiny versions of the 7th Generation Pokemon were leaked. Pick the ones you like first to save time as repeating to catch the whole Alola Pokemon?s Shiny versions may take a while. Stay updated with more Pokemon Sun and Moon news here on The BitBag.

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