Pok?mon Sun And Moon Save Corrupting Bug: Cause Of Glitch And How To Avoid

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Pokemon Sun And Moon

Game Freak?s latest entry in the Pokemon series of RPGs for handhelds is by far the best yet. Fans definitely love everything that Alola and generation 7 has to offer. Despite being a great title overall, Pokemon Sun and Moon still have flaws, bugs and glitches. One bug in particular is out to corrupt save files, and players should be wary of where they save.

Save Corrupting Bug

Several players took out their frustrations on the internet and warned other players about a certain glitch in the game.?Twitter accounts and Reddit threads are filled with players complaining about losing their game progress due to a very dangerous glitch. For now, it seems like the glitch occurs if players save in a specific location that is very vital to the game.

Redditor nyabbycat shared the same sentiments in a thread. Apparently, players that save while in a Pokemon Center will get their save corrupted. What happens is the player’s character model will have trouble loading, causing the save to be lost.

Aside from Pokemon Centers, saving in the Battle Tree is also causing the same Pokemon Sun and Moon glitch to happen.

Glitch Workaround?

Sadly, there are no workarounds to the particular glitch just yet. Players will have to refrain from saving in a Pokemon Center or at the Battle Tree for now. The glitch is even more dangerous as players are given only one save slot. If it gets lost, there?s no way of getting back the progress.

Saving in a Pokemon Center can be avoided pretty easily. As for the Battle Tree, the best workaround for now is to bring a ton of healing items prior to the Battle Tree run so that players could go through it without any worries of failing.

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