Pokemon Sun and Moon Salazzle: How To Get The Elusive Pokemon

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Pokemon Sun And Moon

The island of Alola offers players the chance to catch a slew of diverse Pokemon. Evolving the lot of them can be done through levelling up, but there are others that are a bit more tricky. One of the most frustrating Pokemon to evolve is Salandit despite it having a level requirement only. Here?s how to evolve Salandit into a Salazzle in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

How To Get Salazzle

To get a Salazzle, players will need to level up a Salandit to level 33. However, the frustration kicks in in getting the right Salandit to evolve. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, only the female Salandits will evolve into Salazzles. While this may not be that frustrating, female Salandits are really rare.

Players have reported walking for hours before facing a female Salandit, but some are reporting that they got it on their first try. The gender ratio for Salandits is pretty one-sided. Players have a 12.5 chance of getting a female Salandit. It will get pretty frustrating as it?ll be more about luck rather than effort when getting a Salazzle.

Is Salazzle Worth The Effort?

Aside from completing the Pokedex, players also want Salazzle as it?s one particularly powerful Pokemon. Like Salandit, Salazzle will be a Fire/Poison type Pokemon. It has superb HP, Attack and Speed and it can poison every other Pokemon regardless of what their type is.

Salazzle?s Corrosion ability allows it to inflict poison on every creature. Thanks to Corrosion, it can poison Steel and Poison type Pokemon which can?t be poisoned by any other means. It also carries the Oblivious ability. With this ability, Salazzle will be immune to the Attract condition.

There are other frustrating evolution requirements in the game, but if players can get Salazzle, then the other evolutions will feel a?lot easier.

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