Pokemon Sun and Moon: Salandit Revealed, Can Poison Any Pokemon

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

While Pokemon GO has taken over the Internet in recent days, there is still plenty of excitement over Pokemon Sun and Moon. The two 3DS games are scheduled to come out worldwide in November, so Nintendo and Game Freak have decided to whet the fans appetite with a brand new Pokemon: Salandit.

Revealed in a YouTube video which can be seen below, Salandit is an interesting hybrid of Poison and Fire. It also stands head and shoulders above other Poison Pokemon before it, since it can poison any type of Pokemon.

This means previous creatures of the Steel and even Poison variety can be poisoned by Salandit, making it one of the many unique creatures in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It seems like Nintendo and Game Freak want Sun and Moon to be one of the standout titles of the series, and they might succeed.

The unique mix of fire and poison should make Salandit one heck of a heavy hitter in the two new games. Fire has always been one of the more powerful types in the series, while poison has always been a useful status effect in battles. Salandit is going to be a must-catch when the games come out.

Salandit can poison any Pokemon. Even other poison types.

Previous trailers showed off the new abilities of some of the new Pokemon, so it seems they will be playing a huge part in this year’s installments. While the ability feature has been around for a while now, this is the first time in years that they have felt relevant to the battles, since previous abilities were essentially powerups, with the occasional status effect.

Considering that the two games are still a long way away, fans can expect even more new Pokemon to be announced in the coming months. There are more than a hundred that will be added to the already staggering 720 currently available, so it will be interesting to see the designs and abilities of these new Pokemon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are slated for a November 18 release on the 3DS. The two games will also be playable on the New 3DS and 2DS. Those who pre-order the game can get a special steelcase edition.

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