Pokemon Sun and Moon Rotom Pokedex, Starter Guide

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The Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex will allow Trainers to record the information about the Pokemon they see or catch. The Pokedex will be given to your character by Professor Kakui. This though is not an ordinary Pokedex. It is a Rotom Pokedex, according to the official website. What?s so special?

The Rotom Pokedex

This special Pokedex will help Trainers out in their journeys. This special Pokedex is inhabited by a Pokemon called Rotom. This kind of Pokemon has the power to reside in different electronic devices. Rotom was first introduced in Generation 4. It can also be called the ?Plasma Pokemon?. It was introduced as an electric/ghost type.


In Pokemon Platinum, has 5 alternate forms. It transforms when it takes ahold of household appliance. It turns into the Heat Rotom with an oven, the Wash Rotom with a washing machine, the Frost Rotom with a refrigerator, the Fan Rotom with a fan and the Mow Rotom with a lawnmower. Now, it will be in a Pokedex. This is said to be very rare and that only a few Trainers have such even in the Alola region.

This new Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex does much more than just recording information. Firstly, as it is partly a live Pokemon, it has its own sparkling personality. The Rotom Pokedex also shows you your current location and your next destination. It also gives its advice on where you should go next. It bases its advices through the conversations you have with other characters in the game.

Starter Guide

You will have three options for a starter Pokemon. They are Rowlet, Litten and Poppolio. These options stayed true to the tradition of having grass, water and fire types as starters.

Rowlet is a grass and flying Pokemon with the look of an owl. Litten is a fire type Pokemon that looks like a cute kitten. Popplio is a water type Pokemon that looks like a clown-like Sea Lion.?

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