Pokemon Sun And Moon Release Date Reveal This April?

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Nintendo brought the Internet to tears when the company announced that the release date of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon for the 3DS is set later this year during the holiday season. Aside from the titles of the two games, the company hasn?t released much information since the announcement, focusing instead on mobile games like Pokemon Co-Master.

That?s about to change, as Cerebii has announced that Japanese magazine CoroCoro will be releasing new info about the two games every month, starting in April. Not much else was revealed, though fans will probably be relieved to finally learn some things about the two anticipated 3DS titles such as their respective release date.

According to Twinfinite, Pokemon Sun and Moon might have a tropical setting, which is fairly new to the series. Previous games have had islands to fly or surf to, but none of them have ever had the player live there from the start.

Fans who purchase the eShop versions of Pokemon Red, Yellow and Blue will be able to transfer their adorable creatures to Pokemon Sun and Moon. It?s an interesting feature, maybe even hinting at the fact that Sun and Moon might not have too much of the original 150 Pokemons, aside from a few exceptions like Pikachu.

No one knows what CoroCoro is planning to reveal about the game. Fans can only hope that the starter Pokemon will eventually be revealed that they will continue the tradition of being either Fire, Water or Grass type Pokemon.

As mentioned, the Pokemon Sun and Moon release date is slated for the holiday season. Both games will be playable on the 3DS, New 3DS and the 2DS. Fans anticipating both titles can purchase Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire to whet their appetite. They can even replay Pokemon X and Y before the Pokemon Sun and Moon release date hits, just to get warmed up for the newer games.

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