Pokemon Sun and Moon Release Closes Services For Older Games

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

It seems like the launch of Pokemon Sun and Moon had more repercussions than expected. While the game will be launching for the 3DS in November, Nintendo will be adjusting the Global Link feature so that it will work on the two new games. However, the adjustment will result in the Global Link no longer working for previous 3DS Pokemon games.

This means players who bought Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will no longer be able to use the Global Link feature. Nintendo stated that fans who bought the aforementioned 3DS games can only use the Global Link until late October. Afterwards, it will no longer work for those games and will only be usable in Sun and Moon.

Fortunately, the launch of Pokemon Sun and Moon doesn’t spell complete doom for the online features of these older games. Nintendo stated that fans would still be able to use Wonder Trade, the Global Trade Station and Free Battle. These games will also be able to receive Mystery Gifts, which means we can expect more online events in the near future.

The news is pretty disappointing for those who are still hooked to these 3DS titles, but there is a small upside to this. Nintendo will be doing a big sale on the various items they can get with the Global Link feature. Discounted items include Rare Candies, Poke Miles and more, so it’s not all gloom and doom, though it is still disappointing.

The release of Sun and Moon might cause some online problems for those still playing the older games.

At least fans will be able to battle and trade with each other before the two new games hit. The news is definitely disappointing for those who haven’t picked these titles up yet or those who are attached to the game, but this seems to be the nature of the gaming business.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are currently slated for a Nov. 18 release. Fans who want both games can get the dual pack steelcase, which features both titles in a sleek case. 3DS fans new to Pokemon can still get X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in their nearest retail store. ?

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