Pokemon Sun And Moon QR Codes: All Codes To Locate Pokemon Easily And Get Rare Monsters

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Pokemon Sun And Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon introduces a lot of new features to the series and to fans. Game Freak introduced Alola Pokemon, a living Pokedex and others to the series. The developer also brought back a few neat features that take advantage of the capabilities of the 3DS. One of these is a Pokemon Sun and Moon QR codes scanner.

QR Codes

Redditor StrangeSniper shared the QR codes for all of the Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. All players have to do next is to scan the codes in the imgur below, and the Pokemon will appear on their Pokedex. Doing so will give players the chance to easily locate the Pokemon in Alola. According to the official website of the upcoming titles, the QR code scanner will allow players to locate the exact habitat of a Pokemon. Doing this will also register the Pokemon in your Pokedex.?

Rare Pokemon Spawns

However, players shouldn?t be too trigger happy with the the Pokemon Sun and Moon QR codes scanner as they can only scan 10 per day. According to a few players, scanning 10 QR codes will also make one rare Pokemon from the past generation spawn randomly in the player’s area. It’s still unknown if players have?other means to access these previous gen Pokemon.

Upon successfully scanning 10 QR codes, players will need to get in a random encounter. Doing so will allow the player to come across with the random Pokemon. However, if the player has no means of getting into a random encounter upon scanning 10 QR codes, then the chance to get the random Pokemon might be lost.

According to a few players, they got a Pokemon from a range of generations including gen 2 and gen 3. It?s not yet confirmed if players can get a Legendary Pokemon as a bonus.

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