Pokemon Sun And Moon Post Game: All Activities And Capturable Pokemon After The Main Storyline

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Pokemon Sun and Moon post game

The recent Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks has revealed some of the game?s post game events. After clearing the Alola Pokemon League, players still have the Ultra Beasts to capture and other activities to do in the game. Here?s a quick list of Pokemon Sun and Moon post game activities, according to leaks.

Ultra Beast Hunt

According to rusyaas9?s thread on the Pokemon Reddit, Pok?mon Sun and Moon players still have something to do after they clear the Alola Pokemon League. Due to the Ultra Dimension being opened before the player enters the Alola Pokemon League, other Ultra Beasts have also been confirmed to have arrived in Alola.

Players will be tasked to capture or subdue these Ultra Beasts with the help of ?Fallers? which are humans who have Ultra Dimension energy inside them. These energies attract Ultra Beasts as they could be used to open an Ultra Wormhole back to their home dimension. In this Pokemon Sun and Moon post game quest, players have a chance to catch Ultra Beasts.

Battle Tree

Battle Tree, or technically the game?s Challenge Mode, is also accessible in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Regardless of level, Battle Tree trainers have optimized stats and moves for each Pokemon which make them a challenge for casual players.Players who breezed through the game without paying too much attention to their stat allocation and moves will experience the difficulty in this game mode.

If you want to win in this game mode, prepare to rely on moves, setups, and Pokemon builds usually seen in competitive settings. More than just winning fights, players who progress in the Battle Tree will see notable characters from the current Sun and Moon build and previous games like Red, Blue, Dexio, Anabel, Wally, and Cynthia.

Other Post Game content

After you win the Alola Pokemon League, Gladion will give the Pokemon named ?Type: Null?. The Type:Null Pokemon is said to evolve into Silvally which is known to have a flexible Pokemon typing. Make sure to visit Gladion once you?ve finished the game. Besides post game quests, there are also other NPC interactions that can only happen in the Pokemon Sun and Moon post game. Stay updated with more Pokemon Sun and Moon news here on The BitBag.

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