Pokemon Sun And Moon: Pokemon Bank And Poke Transporter Compatibility Coming Next Year With New Features

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Pokemon Sun And Moon

The Alola region offers up a ton of Pokemon to catch. The new Pokemon title allows players to catch Pokemon from several generations and not just from generation 7. However, there are still a ton of Pokemon that remain exclusive to past titles. That?s where Pokemon Banks come in, but players can?t use it for Pokemon Sun and Moon now.

A post on the official website of Pokemon Sun and Moon reveals that the Nintendo 3DS application, Pokemon Bank, is going to be compatible with the game come January 2017. The application will allow players to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, White 1 & 2, Black 1 & 2, Red, Yellow and Blue. However, there are a few things that players should take note of.

If players transfer a Pokemon from the compatible titles into Pokemon Bank then onto Pokemon Sun and Moon, they won?t be able to transfer it back. This means that gen 7 Pokemon have no way of getting transferred to the past gen games. Additionally, any item held by a Pokemon during the transfer will be returned to the player and the original game.

The good thing is there won?t be any restrictions when transferring. This means even Legendary Pokemon like Xerneas, Yvetal and others can be brought to Sun and Moon. Players can definitely increase the power of their teams by adding past gen Pokemon.

New Feature In Pokemon Bank

Game Freak is working on a national Pokedex for Pokemon Bank. With this, players can keep track of all the Pokemon they?ve captured in all the games. The new feature will collect any saved data from Pokemon titles connected to Pokemon Bank. With this, the new feature will list down every Pokemon the player has. This makes Pokemon hunting particularly easier.

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