Pokemon Sun And Moon ‘Pokemon Bank’: What We Know So Far

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Pokemon Sun and Moon are going to be amazing. Well, it looks that way. These might be the most innovative titles in the series, thanks to the radical new changes. The removal of gym battles is a huge move. One thing that will be kept though is the Pokemon Bank feature.

As most fans know, this is used to transfer Pokemon from one game to another. It’s a feature that fans would have to pay for yearly, but it was a worthwhile one. With a ton of new Pokemon in this year’s game, it would be nice to transfer familiar ones from previous 3DS games.

Return Of The Originals

When Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow were made downloadable on the 3DS, fans loved it. All three games are classics, and the enthusiasm was warranted. The inclusion of online play also helped matters. However, another noteworthy thing announced was that the Pokemon from these games could be brought to the Pokemon Bank for Sun and Moon.

This might be hinting at the lack of original 151 in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Pikachu will still be there of course, but it seems like Mewtwo and other rare ones will take a backseat. The only way to bring them to Pokemon Sun and Moon might be through the Pokemon Bank.

No More Giveaways?

One notable aspect about X and Y was how one of the three starters from Red and Blue were given to the player for free. It was a good way to get nostalgic fans back to the franchise. Having Mewtwo as a legendary also helped, along with the reappearance of the three birds.

Since Nintendo hyped up the Pokemon Bank features for Red, Blue and Yellow, it’s easy to assume that the three starters won’t be given away anymore. This was the case with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, so it will likely happen in these two games.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are slated for a November 18 release. The Pokemon Company recently announced?that the Bank feature will not make it on launch day. It will be available instead in January 2017.?

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